My career in show business started at a young age. I was not a child of a star from the past nor had I any experience or exposure in entertainment so you can imagine my parents delight that after they had paid many thousands to send me to a private school that I would turn out to be a hypnotist.

I was the type of child that was always looking for something to challenge myself with and so one year my parents thought it would be fun and different if they got me a unicycle for my birthday. It wasn’t long before I was riding around town on my little one-wheeled bike. This led to a $100 bet from an uncle that I couldn’t juggle and ride at the same time; so I did.

Shortly thereafter we had a situation involving the fire department when my neighbours looked out the window after dusk and saw flames soaring high from our house. Too young to have money and well before Amazon or eBay, I had made myself some juggling torches and was on the front lawn literally juggling with fire.

This led to joining the Mc Master Juggling club and eventually to my first business at 16 years old as Juggles the Clown. This was the point that I was hooked. Entertaining was incredible.

Later in that year, I saw an amazing hypnotist that came to my high school auditorium and I realized there was much more to our mind. I had no idea at the time that I would eventually create an entire career based on what I saw that very day.

While living and travelling abroad, I ordered a stage hypnosis training set from a hypnotist in the United States and had it shipped to where I was living at my beachside condo in Puerto Banús in the south of Spain; I was hooked.

Due to my international living, I wasn’t able to launch my career until after I returned to Canada in 2004 but used my time away for study in the subject.

The year I returned, I suffered a horrific motorcycle accident and shattered my pelvic bone. The doctors confirmed that they didn’t know if I would ever walk again. After many hours of reconstructive surgery, I was left in my room recovering on my back with pins holding my lower half in place and a traction bar that went straight through my right knee to hold my joints in place.

Left feeling helpless, the only thing I could do to help myself was to tap into my training and attempt to utilize the power of my subconscious mind to help heal my body; it worked. Much to my doctor’s amazement and disbelief, my body began to repair itself. Through constant mental focus and visualization, I was in my wheelchair within three weeks. I was walking around the hospital ward within one month, checked myself out of the hospital within six weeks and had a full recovery within three months on almost no use of pain medications.

At that point, I knew I had to know more. I did my hypnotherapy certification in Toronto, Ontario which allowed me to become part of the National Guild of Hypnotists. I continued my studies to become a Certified Master Hypnotist. I went to Las Vegas, Nevada for certification as a Stage Hypnotist while studying under two of the top hypnotists in the world.

On returning home, I completed a college diploma in Business Administration and started my career. It was an amazing journey and I am very thankful for all the opportunities I have had, for the people who have been a part of my success and mostly for my partner Meredith and children who have been extremely supportive.

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