“One word to describe working with Adam Graeme would be professional. Not just the show, which was world class, but the way he took care of us as a client was over the top. His hypnosis show delivered unique tools that our employees will actually benefit from in a way that didn’t seem like we were learning because of how much we were laughing. The value received was worth a lot more than what we spent. Thank you.”

“I have been the VP of sales for almost 10 years and we have monthly workshops to promote the personal health and business success of our sales force. Adam Graeme gave us information that put most other presenters to shame. He really opened my eyes to why the tactics we were employing worked and more importantly, pointed out how we could improve our productivity and sales revenues in the future. Great job Adam, thanks. “

Every presentation in this package is customized to the corporate brand and aligned with the brand’s image. During our preliminary meeting, a discussion will take place about what the company’ s goals are and what message would like to be discussed. No presentation is ever the same as the routines are custom developed for your company and your brand. We will also be discussing current goals and corporate direction to ensure that the presentation is up to date with your current vision. If you have specific challenges you’d like to address, the presentation can be focused to promote the goals of the company. If you’d like to increase sales, improve employee collaboration, increase revenues or relieve workplace anxiety, the presentation will be adjusted to meet your specific requirements.

Keynote Presentation

A perfect mix of education and comedy create a presentation unlike any other. See a clear demonstration of the powers of the subconscious mind that provides undeniable evidence to the material being delivered. This full audience participation experience is an interactive journey through the mind as Adam Graeme explains the principles of persuasion and influence for yourself and on others around you. Learn 3 simple strategies to obliterate stress and maximize your success while programming your mind for automatic goal achievement.

This presentation has been quoted as the last seminar you will ever need as it breaks down the mechanics of the mind to the simplest form to show how motivational programs are just recycled versions of the exact same thing. Learn the secrets that top-earning global influencers don’t want you to know.

Workshop Seminar

This workshop is an advanced elaboration on the basic principles taught in the keynote presentation. This follow-up workshop dives deeper into the mechanics of the mind giving sales teams and executives a better understanding of why some of the successful strategies are working and how to improve on them to maximize their success. Based on Adam Graeme’s soon to be released book, State of Clarity, and through his years of being one of the most powerful influences in the nation, Adam demonstrates strategies live to instantly build rapport, to quickly infiltrate the minds gatekeeper and break down the walls of resistance.

This VIP workshop shows 2 guaranteed strategies to program your mind to artificially manufacture the mindset of the worlds most successful leaders, professional athletes and entrepreneurs. There are only 2 paths to success. The first is to get lucky and have success handed to you. The other is to understand the principles of what makes a person successful and use them to manifest the success on your own.

Personal Gift

As a special gift, every attendee of both the keynote presentation and the workshop will receive their choice of any one of Adam Graeme’s self-help audio recordings. These audio programs have been carefully created using EEG brain scans to be the most successful programs available. These audio programs will help your company’s employees to achieve a specific goal and allow them to be one step closer to a better, happier and healthier self. All audio programs are provided by way of discrete online downloads allowing the attendees to choose the program most effective for them. So whether it is to lose weight, quit smoking, eliminate fears of public speaking or to erase chronic pain, everyone will be able to walk away from the presentation with a tool to immediately start to see improvements in their lives.

Each program retails for $25 but is completely free for all who attend.

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Q: Is Hypnosis Real?

Yes, it is very real. Thousands of people are hypnotised on my stage every year and every one of them are ordinary members of the audience. It’s your friends, family and coworkers that are the stars of the show. This makes the show incredibly special especially when you know one of the volunteers.

Q: How do you choose volunteers?

All volunteers are chosen because they themselves have willingly come up on stage to participate. No one is ever forced to participate. At the start of the show the audience gets a pretalk designed to inform and reassure the audience about all aspects of volunteering.

Q: What happens if no one volunteers?

As a professional hypnotist, it is my responsibility to ensure that people feel comfortable with the show and that they know that no one has ever been embarrassed as a result of volunteering. No one has ever regretted their experience and as such, there has never been a show where we haven’t had anyone volunteer.

Q: Is hypnosis dangerous?

Hypnosis itself is not dangerous. We have all been hypnotized many times in our lives. Examples are when you’re watching a great movie and a 1.5 hours goes by like its been minutes. Or if you’ve been on a highway on a very familiar path and completely missed your turn. Both are examples of light trance states. As a master hypnotist, I have been professionally trained in my craft to ensure everyone remains safe.

Q: Are you insured?

Of course. As a professional performer, I carry performers insurance with a $2 million dollar liability to ensure that anyone and everyone who gets on my stage is fully covered should something happen. Nothing has ever happened but all performers you hire should have everyone protected including you the planner.

Q: Has anyone ever gotten stuck in hypnosis?

No, it’s just not possible. Hypnosis is a state of mind that lies between being awake and being asleep. Every night we have to pass through hypnosis to get to sleep so if you’ve ever slept you’ve passed through a state of hypnosis. In the worst case scenario, the volunteer would simply fall asleep and wake up feeling fantastic.

Q: Can we eat dinner during the hypnosis show?

Every situation is different but the general rule is that after dinner is a much better time for a show. The reason is that the show is full-on audience participation and so if I am asking for volunteers, it is tough for someone to decide to leave their wonderful meal in order to volunteer.

Q: What size of audience works for a show?

Any size will do. It doesn’t matter if you have 30 people or 3000 people, hypnosis is a fantastic choice for entertainment. Adam has experience working with both small intimate settings as well as larger groups over 1000. The types of skits will be different with the different groups but the entertainment value is the same.

Q: How does hypnosis work?

We have two parts to our mind, our conscious and our subconscious. While the conscious mind handles all of our awake thinking, our subconscious handles all of our automatic functions like our breathing and our heartbeat. Utilizing techniques to relax the body and focus the conscious mind we can distract it so that we are dealing directly with the subconscious mind.

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